10 Tissue Papers To Perk Up Your Gift Bags

Posted on 28 April 2017

Conventional gift wrapping might be evergreen but it is undeniably time taking for the giver as well as the receiver. That is the reason why gift bags and tissue papers are emerging as the winning candidates when it comes to giving presents. And just like you would spend thoughtful time into selecting the ideal wrapping material, you should think about picking the ideal tissues too. These create a mysterious aura around the contents inside and instantly bring a smile on the face of the receiver. So, here are our top 10 picks that will help you to embellish a unique gift item.

1. Metallic tissue papers
Tissue papers with a silver or golden ink finish make the packaging yell “celebration”. They look luxurious and exquisite and no one can stay untouched from their opulent charm.

2. Geometric prints
Look for holiday dots and stripes in interesting color combinations. They can pep up the party celebrations with their vibrancy and vivacity.

3. Tissue papers with a tile-like effect
You will find them in a vast range of colors and patterns. They exude a funky charisma and are needed for that color pop.

4. Everyday themes
These include cute paw prints, animal prints, polka dots and so on. These are best if you are going for pet’s birthday celebration or homecoming party.

5. Floral brocade effects
These would add a vintage feel to the packaging. People who are in love with the Victorian era would rejoice on receiving such an intricately designed packaging.

6. Premium whites
Use these to balance out the appeal of an overtly colorful gift bag. These are ideal to keep it minimal and subtle.

7. Newsprint sheets
These are a more mellow alternative to premium whites.

8. Boho swirls and lace borders
You can find them in colorful as well as monochrome versions.

9. Soothing assortments from nature
A fine mix of berries, wildflowers and other natural elements would add a very pleasing feel to the packaging.

10. Pop blossoms
And in case you want less realistic and more vibrant alternatives, look for these tissue papers.

So go ahead and bedazzle your loved ones with these unique and aesthetically pleasing tissue papers.

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